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The battle over nuclear and immigration, free Assange now and the ICC case against Israel

May 25, 2024 - 23:19 -- Admin

In this episode of New Politics, we analyse the latest events in Australian politics, global diplomacy, and the intersection of law and human rights – we dissect the aftermath of the federal budget and the opposition’s budget reply amidst ongoing political machinations, including the contentious topics dominating the political landscape, including immigration policies, the debate over nuclear versus renewable energy, and the broader implications of these discussions on the next federal election which is now not too far away.

We assess the strategic positioning of the opposition’s controversial stance on reducing immigration and promoting nuclear energy – despite expert evidence pointing to the high costs and long timelines associated with nuclear power, as highlighted by recent CSIRO reports, the Liberal and National parties are still pushing ahead with nuclear energy, despite the feasibility and sincerity of these policies. And despite fluctuations in opinion polls, the Labor government still remains favoured to win the next election, especially when consideration perceptions of government performance over the past 11 years.

In a major international segment, we discuss the recent developments concerning Julian Assange’s legal battles, including his right to appeal extradition to the United States, the complexities of international law, the potential implications of his case, and broader human rights concerns. Assange should not be in jail and the charges should be dropped and we question whether the government has done enough to secure his release.

We also look at the federal government’s considerations to restrict social media usage among individuals under 16, reflecting on the potential impacts and challenges of such a policy. While it’s without question that social media has an impact on young people – all people, in fact – it’s not clear whether the government’s proposals will actually make a difference.

There are significant developments in international relations in the Middle East, notably the International Criminal Court’s recent actions against Israeli and Palestinian leaders, and the recognition of Palestine by several European nations. We provide a comprehensive analysis of these events, their implications on global diplomacy, and the varying responses from political leaders, and what this means for politics in Australia.

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