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Soggy here, innit?

March 7, 2022 - 09:37 -- Admin

Sydney Harbour Bridge span is hardly visible through raindrops on a window.Rainy Sydney in 2011, much the same now

In Sydney right now anyway. How about where you are, everybody?

I hope all hoydens and hoyden-adjacent folks are safe and sound during the latest manifestations of the climate emergency.

In memoriam: Diana Rigg

September 11, 2020 - 09:06 -- Admin

Sad news to wake up to this morning. My first iteration of this blog had banners that were all images from Diana Rigg’s stunning era as style icon Emma Peel. Of course Ms Rigg did so much more in the many decades since then. It’s sad to see her go. I plan to update this post later with all the images I ever posted of her but I’ll have to ferret out some backups first.

Are we all still here?

April 6, 2020 - 21:41 -- Admin

*Waving from an appropriate distance*

Hi everyone! How are you? How is everyone you know, and those you care about most?

Since Mary posted at the end of February about the effects on mothers of the string of closures we were seeing, things have obviously got a lot more extreme. Here in Australia we had just got through the worst bushfire season of all time, before we were driven indoors once again. This year has really turned into a game of choose-your-apocalypse.

#AWW2017 – non-fiction – six reviews

December 26, 2017 - 22:14 -- Admin

Turns out my sign-up post for the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2017 was not actually posted, despite the WordPress app on my phone telling me it was – and I never cross-posted here anyway.

In any event, although I read 10 books within my challenge parameters by about March or April, I did not post any reviews at the time.

So here is the revised sign-up post PLUS six reviews in one post.