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From well over 30 years ago

February 6, 2016 - 09:50 -- Admin

For my eighth birthday my mother made a cake in the shape of an eight (i.e. 8), using two donut moulds. She decorated the top with black and white toy spacemen.One of the white spacemen is sitting on top of the shed bookshelf in front of me. For some reason I have affixed a stretched-out twist tie to its head with a blob of blue tack. Perhaps it's an antennae? I'm surrounded by positive detritus as I type or ride, maximising the wellness of this space. Positivity rulez!WFTW.

Stealth mode to activate

February 5, 2016 - 15:08 -- Admin

I'm a two finger typer and I have loud finger fall. It's from youthful use of computers—and typewriters—back when you really needed to punch down a key.So I sound like an old-timey telegraph operator when in full typing fury.No one worried about the noise until now but I'm new in an existing area and it's irritating for them.

Zen-like Zen

February 4, 2016 - 17:26 -- Admin

On prompting from D— I joined my building's weekly meditation group. Recently I had my first session.I sat with 20 people in a darkened conference room and for half an hour we were guided to focus on parts of the body as we breathed with calm, acknowledging when a thought came then dismissing it to return to the focus. I could do it—I was able to banish poisonous thoughts and I felt the benefits flow. I semi-floated out afterwards.

Fighting my way back out

February 4, 2016 - 08:04 -- Admin

The trouble with a psychological injury is that your injury's severity and its impact on your life can vary due to circumstance.I've woken early two days running and cannot get back to sleep again—cold fury lands and I have to read my tablet—or anything—to keep my mind off it.This journey is a known one; I've been down it before. So these moments come, and sometimes—like an obnoxious house guest—they hang around for days or weeks. I hate being swamped, consumed with anger.

Escorted and protected

February 3, 2016 - 15:31 -- Admin

D— came in with me, got me to log in then dealt with my emails. It took about ninety minutes. He shared his own tales of bearing bullshit and gave sage counsel; "be like the moped rider without a rear-view mirror; no looking back."D— later checked to make sure I was okay—by phone and in person.