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MOAR China stimulus to no effect

August 19, 2022 - 10:00 -- Admin

This: Chinese banks will likely trim their benchmark loan prime rates Monday for the first time in months to help spur borrowing demand and reverse a sharp slump in consumer and business sentiment. The one-year loan prime rate — the de facto benchmark lending rate for banks –is expected to be cut by 10 basis

Macro Morning

August 19, 2022 - 09:40 -- Admin

Risk markets absorbed the latest inflation print from Euro-land overnight following strong UK inflation numbers in the previous session with the USD surging against everything as a result. Wall Street is uneasy still with initial jobless claims numbers printing a little higher than expected. The Australian dollar was pushed much lower, currently hovering at the

Albo is the wage thief in chief

August 19, 2022 - 09:00 -- Admin

He’s from the projects, they said. His Mum was a welfare battler, they said. He’ll lift wages, they said. They lied. Albo is the smiling assassin of capital and he has set about what is shaping as the greatest accelerated destruction of Australian workers’ wellbeing in a century: There has not been a singular drawdown

Albo follows Rudd’s ‘Big Australia’ immigration plan

August 19, 2022 - 00:10 -- Admin

The similarities between the Albanese Government and the former Rudd Labor Government are uncanny. Both came to power following a long stint in the political wilderness and initially rode a wave of strong popular support. And both quickly established national summits to ‘solve’ the nation’s problems: The Rudd Government’s Australia 2020 Summit was a two

RBA rate hikes sink Aussie house prices

August 19, 2022 - 00:05 -- Admin

CoreLogic’s weekly Australian house price index, which tracks value changes across the five major capital cities, fell another 0.37% in the week ended 18 August – the 15th consecutive weekly decline: The decline in values was driven by the three largest capital cities, namely Sydney (-0.5%), Melbourne (-0.34%) and Brisbane (-0.39%): So far in August,

Links 19 August 2022

August 19, 2022 - 00:01 -- Admin

Global Macro / Markets / Investing: Electric Car Prices Spiking Due To Rising Costs And Demand – Inside EVs On the corrupt $280 billion CHIPS handout to semiconductor oligarchs – IBO News Fed sees interest rate hikes continuing until inflation eases substantially – CNBC OPEC not to blame for soaring inflation, new chief says, citing

Macro Afternoon

August 18, 2022 - 16:30 -- Admin

The selloff from overnight markets has proven contagious here in Asia with drops across the boards, led by Japanese shares. The USD remains very strong against the majors with the Australian dollar about to break the 69 cent level on the mixed unemployment print while Euro has given up all its meagre gains as it