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Aussie inflation continues to fall

March 4, 2024 - 11:50 -- Admin

There is further good news on the inflation front, with the Melbourne Institute’s (MI) Inflation Gauge for February recording a 0.07% decline: The three-month annualised rate is also encouraging, falling to 1.2% in February from 1.5% in January. Over the year, the MI’s inflation gauge fell to 4.01%, which was a 22-month low: The core

Job ads resume tumble

March 4, 2024 - 11:41 -- Admin

Via Indeed-ANZ: ANZ-Indeed Australian Job Ads resumed its downward trend in February, falling 2.8% m/m. Over the last year, Job Ads has declined in 92% of all occupational groups. And, as we know, labour supply is BOOMING, leading to higher unemployment in due course: Much higher UE and much faster than the RBA is currently

The UnAustralia Institute gaslights on ‘net zero’

March 4, 2024 - 11:00 -- Admin

The Australia Institute’s (TAI) Greg Jericho was at it again last week, lamenting that Australia has only reduced its carbon emissions by 2.4% below 2005 levels, describing it as “pathetic”: Jericho made a similar whinge in October, bemoaning that Australia had little chance of meeting its 43% carbon reduction target by 2030: Matthew Ryan at TUAI

That’s not a bubble!

March 4, 2024 - 10:00 -- Admin

Or it’s the saddest bubble I can remember. The Market Ear with more. Right back to where we started “In the end, I wound up right back where I started. I could still pick winners, and I could still make money for all kinds of people back home. And why mess up a good thing.”

Bonfire of the idiot Mainstream Media

March 4, 2024 - 09:30 -- Admin

Hell hath no fury like an idiot Mainstaim Meda (iMSM) scorned: The current state of the iMSM is horrible: Nine’s metropolitans are centrist loss leaders for real estate sales. Nine’s AFR is the nation’s leading vested interest whore for hire. Murdoch’s The Australian is a culture war propagandist for the (anti-woke) fake right. The Guardian

Macro Morning

March 4, 2024 - 09:00 -- Admin

Friday night saw a fall in bond yields and the USD in the wake of a softer than expected consumer confidence and ISM manufacturing print in the US, but this didn’t stop equities all across the complex pushing to new record highs. Wall Street zoomed higher alongside European stocks with the weakening USD giving the

ASIO betrays Australia

March 4, 2024 - 08:30 -- Admin

Mike Burgess is being an ass: China’s leading spy agency has been revealed as the organisation behind the sustained targeting of Australians detailed by the nation’s spy chief in his annual threat assessment. In an exclusive interview with this masthead and 60 Minutes, ASIO Director General Mike Burgess has separately hit back at calls for

Taylor Swift a bust for consumption

March 4, 2024 - 08:00 -- Admin

Westpac’s credit card index is a decent leading indicator for consumption. The Westpac Card Tracker Index* has softened slightly over the second half of February, easing to 127.8 over the week ended February 24 from 128.5 in the second week of the month. That is a firmer level compared to the weakness seen through Nov-Jan, which averaged