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Your Democracy Saturday, July 20, 2024 - 09:06 Source

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Your Democracy Saturday, July 20, 2024 - 09:00 Source

Russia unaffected by global IT meltdown – ministry

A massive Windows 10 outage linked to the CrowdStrike antivirus platform has hit air traffic control systems, banks, and broadcasters

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Your Democracy Saturday, July 20, 2024 - 07:18 Source

Sorry, we want war: Why EU elites will ignore Hungary’s OrbanThe Hungarian leader, who is currently president of the EU Council, is trying to actually make an impact with his term...

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MacroBusiness Saturday, July 20, 2024 - 00:10 Source

It doesn’t really matter much that Donald Trump is an observable psychopath who holds democratic conventions in contempt and has a business model that revolves around borrowing billions, harvesting government contracts, and avoiding paying tax. It doesn’t matter that he arranged a near coup that went within a hair’s breadth of overthrowing US democracy when

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MacroBusiness Saturday, July 20, 2024 - 00:05 Source

International reads: The U.S. government wants to crack down on apps that let people get their paychecks before payday – Fortune Average Chinese national now eats more protein than an American: United Nations – SCMP Jamie Dimon says whoever is elected president can’t sit in denial and must realize ’we have a problem’ with national

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The Australian Independent Media Network Friday, July 19, 2024 - 21:42 Source

By Bert Hetebry How quickly at times we judge people just because they may not look or act or be like us, (like me?). Judgementalism: Having a judgmental attitude or behaviour, tending to form opinions too quickly, especially when disapproving of someone or something. (Cambridge English Dictionary). Judgement: The ability to make considered decisions or…

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Your Democracy Friday, July 19, 2024 - 18:38 Source

America had the biggest ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ moment in its history when US President Joe Biden debated Donald Trump last week, turning in a performance that confirmed many Americans’ fears that he does not have the cognitive capabilities to be President at his advanced age.

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Cheeseburger Gothic Friday, July 19, 2024 - 16:02 Source

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MacroBusiness Friday, July 19, 2024 - 16:00 Source

A sea of red across most Asian markets as they end the trading week on a downer as the two negative sessions in a row on Wall Street continues to upset confidence. The latest Japanese inflation figures were not as upsetting although core inflation above 2% is still worrying the BOJ. The USD continues to

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Your Democracy Friday, July 19, 2024 - 14:39 Source

It’s official: the royals are returning down under. King Charles and Queen Camilla are scheduled to visit Australia and Samoa in October, attending events in Canberra and New South Wales (with more details to come).

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