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Colin Boyce, the wiggler: Part 2

August 16, 2022 - 07:40 -- Admin

This is a continuation of the commentary on the maiden speech by the member for Flynn, Colin Boyce1. The reason I have divided this into two parts is because to not do so would have made the item a bit too long. In the first part, I concentrated on his climate denialism and showed how that part of his speech contained numerous lies2. Here I deal with some of the other, slightly more peripheral, lies.

Colin Boyce, the wiggler: Part 1

August 14, 2022 - 13:23 -- Admin

At the Glasgow climate conference, then Prime Minister Scott Morrison [that still engenders relief] said Australia will reach net zero emissions by 2050. However, in the lead up to the federal election the Liberal National Party candidate for Flynn, Colin Boyce said: “Zero net carbon emissions by 2050, Morrison’s document, is a flexible plan that leaves us wiggle room as we proceed into the future”1.

Trying to understand Jacinta Price

August 8, 2022 - 13:23 -- Admin

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price is the new Country Liberal Party (CLP) senator for the Northern Territory1. She is 41 years of age, having been born in May 1981 to an Aboriginal mother and an Anglo-Celtic father2. The CLP is the conservative party operating in the Northern Territory. Price will sit with the opposition Liberal, National and Queensland’s Liberal National parties on the opposition benches3.

Rats finally leaving a sinking, rudderless barge

August 6, 2022 - 07:47 -- Admin

Leader of the opposition, Peter Dutton stated that the Coalition opposition would not vote for the 43% emissions reduction legislation put up by the Albanese government, despite agitation by the few remaining moderates in his party. As it turned out the opposition did vote against it1. However, Tasmanian Bridget Archer crossed the floor to vote with the government to pass the legislation, not that she needed to do so2.

Journalism for suckers

July 27, 2022 - 09:40 -- Admin

Scott Morrison’s staff pressured the Australian Border Force to draft and issue a statement about an asylum-seeker boat from Sri Lanka, intercepted on election day and before the interception operation had finished, a damning departmental report has found. This formed the basis for a last-minute text message scare campaign, on the day of the election, from the NSW Liberal party urging voters to “keep our borders secure by voting Liberal today”1.

Stagnation and revolution 2

July 26, 2022 - 08:35 -- Admin

When the Coalition was elected to government in 1975, Malcolm Fraser became Prime Minister. As I noted in the previous item on this topic, he attempted to get rid of the Medibank system and replace it with a system based on private health insurance. That was an unmitigated failure and left many people without access to affordable health care1.