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Back to my desk. Slowly.

October 25, 2023 - 16:33 -- Admin

I was supposed to crank up the old word machine yesterday, and I did get started early, sub-editing an essay for my daughter. But that occasioned a skull cracker of a migraine, so the first day back was a bit of a washout.

Today’s been pretty slow because I’m always foggy the day after a big one, but I’ve been taking in typos hunted down by the the readers of WW3.1 and cleaning up my email.

Guest pod. Jason and Elana. “Who are we to judge our ancestors.”

October 11, 2023 - 00:39 -- Admin

I was hoping to host this file here, but I’m afraid my mad skillz aren’t up to podcast management on an iPhone. So I’ll just drop this link to the original over at the Australian Democrats page.

(Calm down, Bill. Not those Democrats.)

They recorded a discussion about the Voice, partly from Jason’s perspective as an American veteran who’s only recently become aware of his family’s First Nations ancestry.

el Goog, é Morto.

October 7, 2023 - 19:44 -- Admin

Been watching the antitrust case against Google in the US, while building up my own anti-use case against Google while travelling. It used to be I’d default to el Goog on the road, especially Google Maps, because it was just better. But I’ve found this last month that, while not unusable, it’s not nearly as much use as it could or should be. Especially Maps.

It feels like we’ve gotten a long way from “Don’t be evil.”

Incompetent bag thieves

October 5, 2023 - 17:05 -- Admin

Foiled a robbery the other day. My own. We were heading to the train station for an overnight trip to Siena, moving through pretty thick tourist crowds, at a fair clip. It was the usual chaos and madness in Italy. And then I became aware of a presence behind me. It wasn’t much, just the lightest brush, which I probably shouldn’t have felt at all in the crush of the crowd, but I did.

Watched Foundation S2. It was good.

September 28, 2023 - 04:35 -- Admin

I loaded up my iPad with watchables before we took off, including the second season of Foundation on Apple TV. I had mixed feelings about that, because I had hella mixed feelings about the first season.

I wasn’t a huge Asimov fanboi, butthurt about a faithless adaptation. I just didn’t think it was very good. I sort of liked Harry, and Salvor was badass. But after that I just didn’t care much about any of them.

STALIN’S HAMMER: All the stuff that happened before World War 3.1.

September 25, 2023 - 23:02 -- Admin

Thanks to everyone who wrote back to say how much they were enjoying or looking forward to the whole Axis of Time story kicking off again. It shouldn’t affect me after so many years. I’m a hard bitten, two fisted writing machine damn it.

But thanks.

One thing I realised quickly was how many people on this list had no idea there were a bunch of novellas sitting between Axis of Time and World War 3.1.