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Seeking the Post-COVID Sunshine: Taking That Responsible Yellow Brick Road Towards a More Equitable Recovery

May 21, 2021 - 16:10 -- Admin

By Denis Bright   Labor has been more proactive this week in challenging those old policy assumptions from the Morrison Government on that bumpy track back to normalcy. The LNP’s media advisers are scanning the immediate future to plan the dash to a fourth term in government as planned on budget night by Josh Frydenberg. But…

Farming is an industry based on science so why do they elect Luddites?

May 21, 2021 - 10:04 -- Admin

Listen to a Nationals MP and it won’t take long before they spew forth terms like “latte sippers”, “virtue signalling”, “bedwetters”, “woke capital-city greenies”, or some such other dismissive guff. This childish fact-free language is not just directed at those who live in the city or those with a university education or pot-smoking communist lesbian…

If It Quacks Like A Duck, It’s A Duck – Quack Quack!

May 21, 2021 - 09:12 -- Admin

Quick COVID-19 and vaccine facts at 20 May 2021 – New Zealand and Australia. Sources: / Population – New Zealand: 4.9 million, Australia: 25.8 million (f5.2) Covid cases – New Zealand: 2,659, Australia: 29,994 (f11.3) Covid Deaths – New Zealand: 26, Australia: 910 (f35) Recovered – New Zealand 2,609, Australia: 28,952 (f11.1) Active…

Déjà vu

May 20, 2021 - 19:00 -- Admin

By Ad astra   To minimise the pain of reminding you of the shocking destruction that is occurring day after day in Gaza City, I have kept this piece short. I have found writing it distressing, yet the story needs to be told. It is part of our grotesque contemporary reality. As you watch your TV…

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Overheated war talk is irresponsible – Parliament must decide

May 20, 2021 - 16:45 -- Admin

Media Release   69 prominent Australians have signed an open letter to the Prime Minister Scott Morrison calling for a full parliamentary debate and vote before any new commitment to fighting overseas wars. The letter is signed by several high-profile Australians including former Liberal leader John Hewson, former Labor minister Melissa Parke and the Lord…


May 20, 2021 - 11:15 -- Admin

Murdochtopus has many arms that work in unison with News Corp, one of those arms is a think tank called the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA). When Tony Abbott became Prime Minister the IPA wrote a list of 75 ideas for Abbott to think about which included: 50. Break up the ABC and put out to tender each…

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Are you being manipulated? Yes, and it’s getting worse.

May 20, 2021 - 06:00 -- Admin

Preface: I wrote what follows almost nine years ago and the reason for the reposting of it (with some alterations and additions) is to examine what may have changed. Springing to mind some monumental changes in society would include a rise in feminism and the #BlackLivesMatter movement, while in government there certainly has been a…