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June 24, 2024 - 15:13 -- Admin

When we moved into our current house, some many years ago, we were a couple with two children aged 6 and 3. The young couple who bought the house are in the same boat we were in, some 30+ years ago; they have two small children of 5 and 3. I hope they enjoy their life here as much as we enjoyed ours.

It was a harrowing time sitting in a room in the house while the auction was happening elsewhere. My heart was beating 20 to the dozen, and my hands were shaking, but when the real estate agent came in with the offer, which was under our ‘high reserve’ that the real estate agent had recommended, we acquiesced. The night before the auction, my partner and I discussed what we would like to get as a minimum. We didn’t quite get that but we got very close; so we were not too concerned. As long as it is an end to the bloody open houses!

Now we have to start sorting out the stuff we hid in cupboards, under beds and in wardrobes during the open houses. Fun and games.