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Peta Murphy, ALP Member for Dunkley, Dies, 50

December 4, 2023 - 15:58 -- Admin

The death of Peta Murphy, the ALP member Dunkley, was announced to the Senate by the government leader, Penny Wong, at 2.00pm today.

Murphy died from breast cancer.

Formerly a solicitor advocate (2002-07) and barrister (2008-16), she was the Senior Public Defender at Victorian Legal Aid (2012-14) and Team Leader at the Victorian Law Reform Commission (2015). She was an adviser to former Attorney-General and future Federal Court judge Duncan Kerr (1999-2001). In opposition, she was Chief of Staff to the current Minister for Skills and Training, Brendan O’Connor (2017-19).

Watch Senator Penny Wong announce Peta Murphy’s death to the Senate (2m):

Peta Murphy in 2020

Peta Murphy speaking on gambling harm in the Federation Chamber, October 19, 2023

Murphy first won the Frankston-based electorate of Dunkley in 2019. She was re-elected in 2022, securing a 3.53% swing to her and holding the seat by 6.27%.

She battled cancer for most of this year and died earlier today. A tearful prime minister, Anthony Albanese, announced the news shortly before Wong rose in the Senate. His statement is shown below.

The by-election for Dunkley will be held early next year. It will be the third by-election of the current parliament.