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Booth map of the day: inner city Brisbane

June 13, 2022 - 14:00 -- Admin

For the rest of this week, each day I’ll be featuring a booth map of a seat or a handful of neighbouring seats, starting today with the three seats won by the Greens in inner Brisbane: Brisbane, Griffith and Ryan.

The map shows that the Greens did best in the central parts of each seat. Labor topped the primary vote in practically no booths, with the remainder split fairly evenly between the LNP and the Greens, but when you look at the LNP vs Greens 2CP, the Greens do much better with the benefit of Labor preferences.

The first layer shows the two-candidate-preferred count, which in all three seats was LNP vs Greens. This count wasn’t particularly interesting at this election, since there was a clear expectation that the LNP would lose to whichever progressive party made the count: thus we were more interested in the 3CP count, but we don’t have 3CP.

The closest we have to the 3CP is to look at the primary vote, and show whichever party came first. This is the second layer. Labor does come first in just two booths, with most dominated by the other two parties.

The next three layers show the primary vote for the three parties. The LNP did best in the western end of Ryan and in the north-eastern corner of Brisbane, but didn’t show much strength in Griffith, which fits with the seatwide trends: the LNP clearly topped the primary votes in the two seats they previously held but came second in Griffith.

The Greens vote was highest in the suburbs closest to the river and the CBD in all three seats. Labor’s vote was much weaker in Ryan, and did best in an arc to the north and east of the city centre.

Finally I added a layer showing the primary vote swing against the LNP.