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Well this really tested my meagre mechanical engineering skills.

December 3, 2021 - 14:32 -- Admin

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I got a call from a transport company on Tuesday, telling me they'd be around with my new best friend. It was pouring rain and although I'd cleared the path up to the front deck, they went 'Yeah, nah, we can't carry that up there.'

They muttered something about Occ Health and Safety, but I'd guess that it was more to do with schedules and time pressures. Ten minutes on every job means less jobs done at the end of the day.

So, down into the garage she went, while I scratched my head wondering how to get this big arse chunk of ceramic upstairs without slipping and breaking it or me.

In the end I settled on ferrying the component parts separately. The smaller ones I did myself. The big ones–the outer bowl and lid–I had to call on Thomas. We fashioned a sort of sling from old blankets and hauled it up like huffing, puffing storks delivering an especially fat and fragile baby.

Then I got to assembling.

The flat packed table was pretty simple, but as always with these things I'd occasionally get ahead of myself and have to backtrack.

Then, the egg.

The ceramics all went together without a hitch, but there's a complicated set of bands and hinges to go on and that's where I hit a snag. The printed instructions were hopeless, as usual. But they had a QR code to take me to a video. Brilliant!

Except the video ran about 10x faster than I could follow. (Faster than anyone can follow, apparently. I googled up a lot of grumbling about that vid).

Luckily the internet is a bountiful god and gave up any number of instructional videos by big bellied, tattooed fellows called Otis and Jim-Bob who should really send an invoice to Big Green Egg for their valuable service in helping complete noobs like me put together the hyper complicated hinge system.

From delivery to the final nut took about eight hours, I reckon.

Now lets get to cookin'.