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The global supply chain crisis is finally over!

November 29, 2021 - 18:52 -- Admin

Well, at least for me. Nobody was more surprised than I when the barbecue store rang on Friday to tell me that my extra large Big Green Egg had arrived. Now I just have to wait for the courier to bring it and my nesting table the final two kilometres to the house.

To be honest, I was kind of grateful for the delay because as I expected oiling and painting the front deck was a nightmare from the 7th level of hell quite a bit of work. When we had the house redone we fashioned that deck out of three formerly internal rooms and stripped everything back to the studs. It gave it a really lovely rustic look with a lot of interesting visual details — which were hell to paint. So many nooks and crannies.

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We didn’t work on it every weekend over the past three months. But a lot of them were given over to some very amateur painting efforts. It’s still not completely done. There’s a little bit of finishing detail and trim to clean up, but not much, and I can safely tackle that without spraying a cyclone of paint drops around.

The question now becomes, what to cook first? I’ve been practising a bunch of recipes in my very boring old electric oven, learning how to spatchcock a chicken for instance. It’s gross, but it really does even out the cooking time across the entirety of the bird. So I’m thinking maybe I do a couple of those, but also what the Americans call a pork butt, (and we call a pork neck). It’s a forgiving cut of meat, unlike a brisket, and I can do it over most of a day before taking it off to rest and bringing up the charcoal to cook the chooks at a higher temperature.

Alternately, I guess, I could be very Australian and just burn some snags and chops.