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Invasion. (Apple TV)

October 24, 2021 - 17:22 -- Admin

I'd been looking forward to watching Invasion on Apple TV+ and finally got to take in the first two eps this weekend. I enjoyed it — I do love me a big, multithread narrative — and can see where all the money went.

I seem to recall Apple's big post apocalyptic Jason Momoa vehicle, See, being described as the most expensive TV show ever made, and could only imagine most that went on Aqua Man's salary. (To be fair though, now we've moved into a couple of Fallen Cities in series two, I can sorta see how the amazing sets would have cost a bomb. The first series mostly seemed to be filmed in the same Canadian wilderness as Stargate).

Anyways, back to the other end of the world. Invasion follows about half a dozen story arcs spread all over the planet, which is cool, although I don't know how they imagine they can tie them all together in the end. I've only seen two eps so far, and I'm really hoping Sam Neil's small town American sheriff gets some more screen time. I like him a lot, but last we saw him, things weren't looking so good for Sheriff Sam.

There's a nice doomed lesbian arc set in the Japanese space agency. What looks like a pretty good lost patrol/traumatised soldier piece from Afghanistan. Some snotty but loveable school kids in the UK. And so far no presidents, no generals, no secret Stargate commands.

This is obviously gonna be a ground level story. A couple of reviewers complained of their frustration at having to follow so many seperate threads, but for my buck's worth, that is the sort of story telling that makes these epic pieces really sing. What does it matter if we have to flit all over the globe? The aliens are presumably coming down everywhere.

I've got another ep of the initial three chapter drop to go, and I've already invested in a bunch of non-Sam Neil characters. So I might log off and check it out.