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Still no egg, but many preparations for egg.

October 7, 2021 - 10:52 -- Admin

I knew when I ordered my Big Green Egg that it would probably take longer than the month the BBQ store quoted for delivery. It has to come from the US via ocean transport, and anybody who's been paying attention would know that international shipping is utterly munted at the moment.

So maybe it gets here soon. More likely not.

I've been prepping for it though.

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We rejigged our house painting schedule to move the front deck up the list. It's a helluva job, with hundreds of little nooks and crannies to fill in, and a freshly oiled deck to protect from splatter.

To be honest, not the most pleasant way to distract myself from my non-egg-having status.

I do have other ways, however. I'm now the proud owner of a proper cast iron skillet, bought half price from DJs when I was just wandering through the other day.

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I've also bought a six-pack-sized esky (beer cooler for my American friends) in which to rest my smokey joints and pork butts. I saw a charcoal chimney at Bunnings for only ten bucks, so I placed that within in my possession too.

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Oh, and I got a Thermapen Mk4 meat thermometer online at a 50% discount.

This fucking egg better turn up soon though, or I won't be able to afford a Woolies sausage to cook on it.