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Weapons: A guest post by John Burnheim

September 23, 2021 - 00:06 -- Admin

Australia is doing its bit to ensure that there will be a third world war and that it will be a nuclear war. The claim that the U-boats are merely nuclear propelled, not nuclear armed, is a gross deception. One of the key features of nuclear subs is that they can launch and control rockets capable of carrying nuclear bombs. In a war nobody is going to believe that those rockets will not be used to do what they were built to do.

The United States has always refused to claim that it won’t be the first to use nuclear bombs. If the US believes it can shoot down China’s rockets, it will be strongly tempted to strike first to assure the freedom of Taiwan. Is it credible that Australia is not going to do the bidding of the US in a war situation?

It is inconceivable that China and the US could invade the other or bring the other down by conventional warfare. The only effective tactics in their war will be to destroy the other’s communications, probably by nuclear means.