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surviving the mueller inquisition...

September 19, 2021 - 04:52 -- Admin


Gus is a rabid atheist. Gus "has a soft spot for Roger Stone." This is to say that Gus thinks Stone was badly treated by the Mueller inquisition. Stone may have told a few embellished stories, but his main sin was that he worked from Trump. He was charged for an obscure misdemeanour that would not even attract a parking fine and Stone got 40 months of prison for it.

The system did not like Trump, but it could not get at him and despite the noise, the system still cant. The "system" is the gigantic mechanism of the US Empire. Trump was shutting the system down. Trump tried anyway without success, and even if Biden has now exited the US out of Afghanistan, the system has branched into another money making military venture: AUKUS or as some people call it F**KUS...

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