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Really hope I didn't give those Chinese hackers any ideas...

August 4, 2021 - 15:37 -- Admin

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Hey, it’s me, JB.

Regular readers of the Cheeseburger are free to scratch their heads at this point and wonder why I’m telling them that.

For everyone else, this is your very occasional email shout out to let you know there’s a book out, I wrote it, and this is your shady, back alley tip-off that it’s on Kindle at a double-secret tiny price for a couple of days.

But only for a couple of days. Then I start gouging the rubes like the ravenous greed monster we all know me to be.

The book?

FAIL STATE. The second in the End of Days series.

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Readers of ZERO DAY CODE will call everything going pear-shaped after a Chinese cyber-warfare outfit called Unit 61398, attempted shenanigans by collapsing America’s food distribution network.

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Funny thing happened on the way to reality - since ZDC was published, Unit 61398 (amongst others) has been outed as the source of all sorts of cyber-shenanigans in the real world.

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I wish my lottery ticket buying skills were as prescient as my splodey novel super-villain picking abilities.

Bu they’re not, so I guess I’ll stick to writing books.

If you’d like to grab FAIL STATE on Kindle at the double-secret tiny price of three lousy greenbacks you can do so here (or follow this universal link).




A bumper edition containing all three volumes will be available on all the other platforms… eventually.

Or you can join me over at Patreon, where I’m writing a new Axis of Time trilogy, and I’ll just give you the lot for free.

That’s the sort of thing I do over there.

Finally, because it’s not all about me, if you are on Patreon and looking for a worthy project to support I’d like to recommend Jason Lambright’s super cool sort of time-jumping sci fi project, The Story Teller.

It has all the stuff I like. Multi-century story arcs, artificial consciousness, and big honking space ships.

There’s a couple of free chapters to decide whether it’s your bag or not. It is mine, so I signed on straight away.

And finally finally, best wishes and good luck to everyone as we grind through the second year of the worst end-of-the-world story I’ve ever seen.

Hopefully Ms Rona will soon be banished to the naughty corner of human history along with the Black Death and measles and New Coke.

Until then, be cool, stay safe, and read more books.