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My body sounds like a ship under sail

July 10, 2021 - 00:22 -- Admin

I've seen enough pirate movies to know how a sailing ship sounds and if turns out it sounds like me: creaks and groans, bubbling, seagulls and nautical swearing. The bubbling is my gut that I unhelpfully filled with ice-cream and creaks (with pops) is gas escaping joints in my neck and knees. 

My unfavourite is the neck hiss, I feel the gas squeaking out as lungs back with a wheeze. And it's loud, so loud, like a death rattle of some Lovecraftian filth.

My hand just spasmed---least that was silent. 

Gurgle, pop, snargle and blurt---all noises I just made without speaking a word.

Fuck you, existence