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Molestation money!

July 3, 2021 - 08:22 -- Admin

Thanks to fully one third of my lifetime sexual contacts being a middle-aged pederest with faked credentials---his pervert school was not accreditted---I received recognition for a life derailment in the form of some tasty cash. I piously decided to keep it all. Occasionally I will spend a chunk on a worthy me funtime project of Operation YesPlease! and I just dropped some bucks on a two-year subscription. 

In Thanks, Part II we discover our hero survived another life derailment in a fearsome workplace injury---an event endured with CBT plus theatre techniques which include joyful singing at inflicted trauma.

And so it came to be I deliciously trilled with morn' birdsong "Molestation money!" as I completed the purchase.

A double fuck you to events past---Maggie oot! (Drops mic [Poot wee]).