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Wad shot into my arse

June 30, 2021 - 15:23 -- Admin

Well, it was more like the zone between the upper thigh and arse and it was steroids but fuck me, I felt the fluid go in. 

I had great handlers for the job though it was surreal since I was wearing a mask just like them; "Two can play at that game!" I said on check in to the masked receptionist who had been wearing a mask since March of last year. It's only just now in Canberra we all have to mask up if interacting with the public. 

The bonus is no exercise for two days---I don't like exercise; I do it because I have to. Now I cannot.

It's the seventh day and I get to rest. Ahhh (sinks onto couch).

UPDATE: I did a victory dance for not having to exercise and then my leg hurt.