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Pity for DJT

June 25, 2021 - 20:00 -- Admin

I was talking to my son about DJT about how he was broken as a child and never repaired.

He was two and a half when his mum went away for a year for recovery and his dad was a sociopath who maliciously harmed his children.

I re-read Mary Trump's book for the chapter on this event and the outcome of it created the person he is. 

I felt pity. That his life had been stolen went it went tits up. Even when his mum was back Fred was still a sociopath who saw affection as feeble neediness. 

That poor little fuck had no chance; to survive he became Son of Fred and afflicted with the same illness that struck his dad.

He's still a monster but he has an origin that can't be denied as sad by people who enjoy the norm of empathy that was robbed from his younger self.

Now sad Bad Fanta haunts his swamp castle. 

But the pity has gone and I'm looking forward to his face going pale and his clothes going orange. Then maybe he can get some help.