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Mein Kampf strictly for masticatory purposes

June 19, 2021 - 11:05 -- Admin

I have a technician coming round and I saw my copy of Mein Kampf on casual display on my sideboard.  My son bought it for me by accident one holiday and without internet I read two thirds of it before giving up---I read it for to know a foe read their manifesto.

Not all of it---too gruelling.

But because I am afflicted with a recurring thigh boil which needs to be popped the screed was a perfect fit to biite down instead of smashing my teeth together when screaming from the pain of a boil's passing.

That's hard to explain---though the cover is trench-scarred from tooth marks from the Hitler-muffled howling---so I chucked it facedown with the spine against the back of my bedside bookshelf so I don't have to see his face or name.

Hitler---he's only got one ball; the world should remember that.