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How Murdoch ‘ruperters’ operate 27

May 2, 2021 - 10:40 -- Admin

On May 1, in Murdoch’s Daily Bellylaugh (reprinted in the Catallaxy Files1), Barnaby Joyce’s paramour, Vikki Campion wrote a piece entitled ‘Cancel culture the real rat’ and opined that it was “the real rats in our media and online that are doing more damage” than the rodent plague in eastern Australia. She accused these media and online rats of taking “control of the narrative and they have crowned themselves a noble species and their diet is any who disagree” (yes, she really said that). This was followed by “We are at the eve of a federal election with our political best bowing out before preselection.” Who could she mean? Believe it or not, she was talking about the George Christensen (MP for Dawson, Qld), Craig Kelly (Hughes, NSW) and Nicolle Flint (Boothby, SA)1. To consider any of these among the ‘political best’, while hilarious, is delusional.

George Christensen spends almost as much time in Manila as in his electorate, so much so that he is often referred to as “the Member for Manila”. He has been investigated by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) for his regular travel and cash transfers to the Philippines2. Freedom of Information requests for details of the investigation have been blocked, apparently by Christensen3. The AFP found no evidence of illegality but raised concerns that Christensen risked being compromised, as between 2014 and 2018, he spent almost 10 months in the Philippines, during which time he has been a regular at a particular ‘adult entertainment’ bar4. Presumably Christensen has pulled the pin because ever since the Murdoch’s Herald-Sun published details of his travel5, he probably understands that he is too rancid, even for Murdoch.

Craig Kelly has been such an embarrassment to the Liberal Party because of the constant misinformation regarding Covid-19, that he was apparently asked to leave the Liberal Party. He has been promoting Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin as prophylaxis and treatment for Covid-19 for which there is no evidence6. Kelly is also, like many in the Liberal Party, a climate change denier, but his arguments are so wacky7,8, and so off-the-planet, that he makes your average malevolent denier seem almost sane.

Nicolle Flint broke down in tears on the floor of Parliament while describing the harassment and stalking she has endured during her time in politics, and calling for the safety of women to be “above politics”. Flint criticised her political opponents, including Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese and lobby group GetUp, which launched an unsuccessful push to unseat her during the last election9. It is a shame she didn’t think of making women’s safety ‘above politics’ at the time the rape of Brittany Higgins was covered up. But then conservatives only become concerned about the treatment of people when it affects them personally or when they are certain it will not affect them electorally.

These mischaracterisations of these three as among the political best would have been reason enough to describe Campion as being ‘economical with the truth’, if not delusional. However, in the section on Kelly she says “The media that mocked and belittled Hume MP Craig Kelly gave no thought to those who broke into his home, hanging ISIS flags in his window.”1 This was the lie.

What actually happened was that comedian and political commentator Jordan Shanks (aka Friendly Jordies) filmed himself rolling up an Azerbaijani flag into his hands and walking into Kelly’s home in Illawong in Sydney’s south last month. The Kelly home is up for sale and Shanks visited during an ‘open house’ when it was open to the public for inspection. The stunt was to mock Kelly’s previous expressions of admiration for some of Azerbaijan’s political processes, as he made several trips to the former Soviet nation. He travelled there in 2016 to observe its constitutional referendum and in 2018 as leader of a delegation to observe its presidential election. Mr Kelly praised the use of photographic ID and inking of thumbs to ensure they had not already voted. He told local media in the Islamic nation it was a “coherent, democratic process”, although observers from the Organisation for Co-operation and Security in Europe said it had been neither free nor fair10.

It is impossible to believe that Campion could actually mistake the Azerbaijani flag, which has three horizontal bands of bright blue, red and green, with a white crescent and an eight-pointed star in the centre, with that of ISIS which is only black and white. She is simply lying or was the gullible dupe of someone who lied to her. Either is believable.