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WA 2021 – election night

March 13, 2021 - 21:00 -- Admin

6:58pm – In Kalgoorlie, which the Liberal Party holds by a 6.2% margin, the Labor vote is up by 26.3% off four booths.

6:57pm – In Darling Range, where Labor won in 2017 before losing the 2018 by-election, the Labor primary vote is up by about 9% compared to the 2017 victory, with four booths reporting. Looks like a Labor gain or retain, depending on how you define it.

6:55pm – We have about six booths reporting primary votes from Geraldton, and Labor is up by about 18%, putting the Labor candidate well over 50%. Looks like a Labor gain.

6:52pm – Labor is leading in Riverton on primary votes, which is currently a Liberal seat with a 4.4% margin. There’s also a 14.4% swing to the Labor candidate in the first booth to report in Zak Kirkup’s seat of Dawesville.

6:42pm – Antony Green has called the election. He is seeing double-digit two-party-preferred swings in urban seats and a smaller swing in regional areas.

6pm – Polls have just closed in Western Australia, in an election which has seen a record number of voters choose to vote early and is expected to produce a landslide victory for the McGowan Labor government. I’ll be following the results as they come in, so don’t go anywhere.