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WA 2021 – what’s your guess?

March 12, 2021 - 11:00 -- Admin

Election day is tomorrow in Western Australia.

We haven’t had any more proper polling since the Newspoll three weeks ago which gave Labor 68% of the two-party-preferred vote. Overall, we haven’t had much polling for this election. It’s quite likely that 68% poll is an outlier, but we don’t really have much else.

Meanwhile a record number of Western Australians have cast an early vote. As of the end of Wednesday, according to Antony Green, over a quarter of all enrolled voters have cast a pre-poll vote, while almost one fifth of all enrolled voters have requested a postal vote and at least 8% of the total electorate has already returned a postal vote.

This is substantially higher than in past WA elections, but it isn’t as much of a departure as we saw in the ACT, where almost 70% of votes were cast as pre-poll votes, or in Queensland where the number was over 40%. We’ll see how the final days of voting go.

Anyway, this post is just an opportunity for commenters to jump in with your thoughts on who you think will win (which I don’t think will be controversial), but also what the final vote count will be, and who will win specific seats in play.

Go ahead!