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Stuck my head in an ants nest

March 1, 2021 - 00:22 -- Admin

In the '80s I loved The A-Team and any of their tat. As a war-obsessed tween the best was an awesome-as-shit plastic rifle that could be break apart into useful chunks like just the scope or as a pistol. 

I did not own one. But my friend did and he lived on a piece of arid scrub.

He let me use it when we played war.

I lay down and gave a good old soak of sounds of fire—I don't recall if the rifle made a noise but mine was likely ner-herh-herh-herh-herh-herh—writhing astride a sandy rise home to a surprising fuck-ton of ants. 

Ants on my hands and ants on my arms, bullants, those fucks

Ants; accord them respect. 

I told a friend about that and he said in the Army he was called ___ ants 'cos during a fire and movement he opened up with his real gun (fake bullets) whilst lying atop a fuck-ton of ants. 

He got up, screaming "Fucking ants! Fucking ___ ants", pulling his clothes off. 

If he got promoted then he'd be Corporal ___ ants. 

I just stuck my head in an ants nest; not actual ants, you know, fucking ___ ants, but akin to that with fearscape and recall of before times best forgot. 

Then I popped my head out and dusted them off.

Fucking ___ ants.