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9 votes in Bundaberg wraps up Queensland

November 14, 2020 - 11:00 -- Admin

The final results of the Queensland state election were decided yesterday, with Labor winning a recount in the seat of Bundaberg by nine votes, and won a recount in Nicklin by 85 votes.

The original preference count in Bundaberg gave Labor victory by eleven votes, and gave them victory in Nicklin in 79 votes.

These two results give Labor 52 seats, four more than they held in the last parliament. Labor gained five seats from the LNP (Bundaberg, Caloundra, Hervey Bay, Nicklin, Pumicestone) and lost South Brisbane to the Greens.

That’s about it for now for the Queensland state election, and I wanted to just flag that the blog (and the podcast) will probably be quiet until early in December.

I am currently working on my map of the New South Wales redistribution, and I’m also busy with some other work projects that will occupy me for the rest of November. The NSW redistribution’s timing has meant some other things have been bumped into the next month.

I do still want to do at least one more podcast this year, but it won’t be until early December. If you’ve got suggestions about what we should cover, let me know.

I’m also planning to complete my datasets for the ACT and Queensland elections, and will return with some more analysis of the results when they are finished.

Then once those are all finished, I’ll go dark until January or February next year when I’ll return with a guide to the WA state election.