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ACT & NZ election night live

October 17, 2020 - 17:00 -- Admin

5:20pm – 3.8% of the vote has already been counted in New Zealand, thanks to the advance vote count starting this morning. Labour is currently polling just over 50% of the party vote.

5:00pm – Polls have just closed in New Zealand, and polls close in one hour in the ACT.

I’ll be primarily covering the ACT results but I’m planning some top-level analysis of the results in New Zealand.

Both elections have seen record levels of early voting. More than half of all New Zealand voters had cast an advance vote by Thursday night, and it looked like about 60% of all ACT voters would have cast a pre-poll vote before today.

Pre-poll votes in both jurisdictions are primarily cast electronically, which promises a quick turnaround of results for those votes cast early, but we’ll see how that goes tonight.