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Liberal apoplexy

February 15, 2019 - 09:25 -- Admin

Grahame Morris is a former chief of staff to former Prime Minister John Howard, and former adviser to Alexander Downer and Andrew Peacock. He is currently the Chairman and Federal Director of Barton Deakin Government Relations. Barton Deakin is an Australian and New Zealand lobbying firm. This firm only works with the Coalition in Australia and the National Party in New Zealand1.

After the passing of the Medevac Bill, the government has gone apoplectic with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and others going berserk, to the extent of quoting Trump that rapists, murderers and paedophiles will flood into the country. This is simply bizarre behaviour and is simply juvenile dummy-spitting because the government lost the vote in the House of Representatives2.

Now, in a new low, Grahame Morris has tweeted

“So, do Australian family members waiting in queues for medical treatment have to go further back in the line while illegal migrants queue jump again?”3

There are several points in this drivel which should be addressed: Firstly, Australians have to wait in queues for medical treatment because of inadequate funding from both federal and state governments, and this is constantly lied about by politicians4. Secondly, asylum seekers are not illegal migrants; that is just a lie spread by the racist half of the Liberal Party; anybody who feels their safety is at risk in their own country is entitled to seek asylum in another. Thirdly, the assertion that there is a queue is also a lie. Fourthly, there are 1080 people in total on Manus and Nauru, and even if all of these people arrived in Australia, we would not notice because there are 25 million of us. Lastly, a record number (64,362) of asylum seekers are already in Australia, having arrived by plane5, so another thousand will have very little effect.

Grahame Morris has form with regard to this sort of unpleasant drivel. It was he who said that Australians should be kicking Julia Gillard to death. He later apologised, not in person, but via host David Speers on the Liberal Party’s Murdoch mouthpiece Sky News6.

Grahame Morris is just another apparatchik from the far right of the Liberal Party and, like most of them, will do anything to try to denigrate or disparage anyone he perceives to be causing the Liberal Party embarrassment, except when it is the Liberal Party itself causing the embarrassment, which is currently the case. It is symptomatic of the born-to-rule attitude of these people, who are completely devoid of empathy. This tweet of Morris’ simply indicates what a squalid, sociopathic, little man he is.



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