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ERM Power would like to bail out of coal seam gas miner Metgasco Limited ?

March 1, 2015 - 00:15 -- Admin

Metgasco Limited's largest shareholder appears to be losing interest in the fate of this coal seam/tight gas explorer and wannabe production company.Unfortunately with the ordinary share price being firmly in the 2 cents range, ERM Power will have to wait before any move to sell off its interest in this company.Argus MediaERM Power mulls future of NSW gas assets22 Feb 2015, 11.48 pm GMTSydney, 22 February (Argus) — Australian powe

Tony Abbott fails to understand the nature of violence against women according to campaigner

February 28, 2015 - 00:15 -- Admin

Excerpt from The Age article Tony Abbott fundamentally misunderstands the violence against women epidemic by Phil Cleary on 16 February 2014:Political life might look profoundly different for Tony Abbott had he not stood smiling in front of those misogynist banners "Ditch the Witch" and "Julia – Bob Browns (sic) Bitch" during his push to become Austr

In Abbott's Australia it's all about protecting those who 'have' and knocking the 'have nots' into the gutter

February 27, 2015 - 00:15 -- Admin

The Daily Telegraph 22 February 2015:A SECRET plan to kick millionaires off the aged pension was shelved by the Abbott Government’s budget razor gang in favour of slashing the indexation of payments for every pensioner in Australia.The Sunday Telegraph can reveal that cabinet’s budget razor gang was asked to consider reforms to slash pension pa