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Disgraced Liberal MP blots his copy book again and another Liberal minister is found wanting

April 29, 2016 - 00:16 -- Admin

This was disgraced Liberal MP for Fadden, former Minister for Veterans' Affairs and former Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Centenary of ANZAC, Stuart Robert, tweeting on ANZAC Day 2016 and then deleting the tweet around three hours later once he finally realised that using soldiers to play politics on the major national day of remembrance in this country was not a good idea.

Human Rights Commission President Gillian Triggs on the ignorance, guile and bully boy tactics of Australian politicians

April 26, 2016 - 00:16 -- Admin

Excepts from an interview with President of the Australian Human Rights Commission, Professor Gillian Triggs, in The Saturday Paper on 23 April 2016:Ramona Koval Did you think it was going to be this hard when you started at the commission? Gillian Triggs [laughs] No! I had absolutely no idea.