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Beware the Secret State

September 2, 2014 - 00:15 -- Admin

The Australian 8 August 2014:In 2004 the Howard government decided to take stock, commissioning a wide-ranging inquiry by respected former official Phillip Flood. Beyond recommending better language skills for ASIS and beefing up ONA’s budget, he found the level of resourcing “sufficient”.

NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption Operation Spicer Witness List for week commencing 1 September 2014 -UPDATED

September 1, 2014 - 04:28 -- Admin

NSW ICAC Operation Spicer witness list for week commencing 1 September 2014Monday 1 September 2014Joe Tripodi - former NSW Labor MP for Fairfield and Minister for Ports and Waterways, in 2010 announced that he would not stand at the 2011 state election after corruption allegations made in ICAC Operation Cyrus hearings concerning his actions as ministerRoss Cadell - NSW Nationals regional co-or

Candidate in Labor's Ballina community preselection pledges to reject political donations from gas industry, science deniers, unethical companies & banks

September 1, 2014 - 00:16 -- Admin

Keith Williams Media Release 29 August 2014:Keith Williams, candidate in Labor's Ballina community preselection, has announced self-imposed rules on donations and fundraising to address what he calls the disturbing influence of money in politics.In what he claims is an Australian first, Mr Williams has published a campaign budget, excluded a wide range of potential donors and limited the maximum donation he will accept to $500 per person."We must end this preoccupation with raising funds so w

Has 'Captain Catholic' and his merry band of Christian fascisti finally wrecked a proud tradition of secular public education in Australia?

September 1, 2014 - 00:15 -- Admin

The Sydney Morning Herald 27 August 2014:The Abbott government is pushing ahead with a religious-only school chaplaincy scheme following a cabinet debate over whether secular welfare workers should be included in the program.The government was forced to redesign the $224 million scheme after the High Court 

Is fast food giant McDonald's finally paying the price for its arrogance?

August 31, 2014 - 00:16 -- Admin

There were probably many Yamba residents muttering “I told you so” under their breaths after reading this in The Sydney Morning Herald on 10 August 2014:Sales at McDonald's have recorded their worst results in over 10 years.Global sales at the fast food giant dropped 2.5 per cent in June and July.Not since March 2003, when global sales plunged 3.7 per cent in consecutive months, has the world's

Quote of the Week

August 30, 2014 - 00:18 -- Admin

Tony Abbott has obviously learnt nothing from last year's travel rort scandals. He and his Team Australia bombard us with brainwashing messages like the age of entitlement is over, budget emergency and that the country can't afford leaners. He then attends at private function in Melbourne and  arranges a quick "work" visit and press conference to conveniently justify claiming entitlements rather than paying his own way.

The ugly face of Abbott's Team Australia

August 30, 2014 - 00:16 -- Admin

Letter to the editor in The Daily Examiner on 26 August 2014:Aussie IslamistsGiven the unhappy world situation at this time and the present exposure of the unholy and bestial practices that Australian Islamists, amongst others, are pursuing in Arabia, a whole rethink of where we stand in world affairs is overdue.At this stage the United States of Australasia, incorporating our Christian neighbours, is worthy of serious consideration.Thomas Macind