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Why no condemnation of the racist nature of the Reclaim Australia rallies Mr Abbott and Mr Shorten?

April 7, 2015 - 22:31 -- Admin

Opposition Labor Party leader Bill Shorten has condemned the exaggerated fears about Sharia Law and the ‘violence’ at the Reclaim (White) Australia rallies.

Pity the weak kneed shit for brains hasn’t also condemned the racist rallies themselves. No, that would be a step too far for the racist Parliamentary Labor Party, the party that supports brutalising refugees and attacking indigenous Australians (through for example the racist NT intervention).

United Voice Canberra protest against bosses ripping off workers

April 7, 2015 - 20:54 -- Admin

United Voice is holding a protest action in Kingston in Canberra from 12 pm on Friday 10 April outside a penny pinching café in Kingston which allegedly owes one of their workers $20,000 in unpaid entitlements including penalty rates and payments under the minimum wage.

This is an important public demonstration of the role unions play in protecting our community. Support United Vice by coming along to show your solidarity.

Pauline Hanson and Reclaim (white) Australia

April 6, 2015 - 20:38 -- Admin

Pauline Hanson, the figure of popular racism from the 1990s, spoke at the Reclaim (White) Australia rally in Brisbane.  This is significant.

During her political popularity (when for example in 1998 her One Nation Party with 22% of the vote won 11 seats in the Queensland Parliament) Hanson reflected the despair of a middle class under attack because of changes in the capital accumulation process and some workers, especially non-unionised workers in regional areas.