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I'll send DoD an invoice.

September 26, 2022 - 17:32 -- Admin

They might even pay, given these look so similar to the goggles in Weapons of Choice. (And what’s a coupla mill’ extra from their procurement budget anyway?)

From ASPI…

The US Army is rolling out new combat goggles with an integrated visual augmentation system, or IVAS, to its soldiers in a 10-year investment estimated to cost US$21.8 billion ($32.9 billion). IVASs will provide hologram projections over soldiers’ fields of view and allow them to visualise critical data including maps and enemy and ally positions. They are also capable of picking up feeds from local devices, enabling them to ‘see’ through the inside of vehicles. The army’s move into the so-called metaverse with IVAS technology could be revolutionary for infantry battlefield operations.