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we could we wrong…..

June 24, 2022 - 17:08 -- Admin

I do not wish the worse for America. Hopefully it will become a good humble citizen of this planet. Yet so far, we haven’t seen any of this — what some people might call magical — transformation.


Who has been the worse president? Trump or Biden? So far on international relations and on civil duties, Trump is behind by a clown nose. Biden is a liar, a psychopath (not really, but he’s lost his sense of reality) and a devious character, because he always was devious. Trump is a stupid clown, and despite what they’re trying to do with the 6th January investigation for which the Democrats might spread the mustard for another year — way after the “Mid-Terms” elections which so far might prove to be lethal to Biden-the-Prick, Trump might resurrect himself. 


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