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A new Christofascist idiocy

June 20, 2022 - 08:35 -- Admin

There is a new idiocy from the rabid Republican christofascist* gun nuts in the United States to try to counter the calls for gun control after the Uvalde school massacre. This massacre led to the deaths of 19, mostly ten-year-old children, and two of their teachers1.

This fresh idiocy is along the lines of “The problem isn’t guns, it is hearts without Jesus” or something similar. This idiocy is of course another furphy, presumably from the minds of people who have never been out of the US, or those know their target ‘market’ have never owned a passport in their lives. The reason I say that is because almost all western countries have fewer adherents to the bizarre form of Christianity common in the US (the US is ever the laggard)2, yet these other countries do not have such devastatingly common school shootings or other mass shootings. The people from these other countries have far less ‘Jesus in their hearts’3  than your average American yet children don’t get killed anywhere nearly as often, and certainly are not killed by gunfire from military grade weapons.

This idiocy follows on from the usual excuses used by US gun nuts and their gutless purchased politicians: ‘We have a mental health problem in the US’4, or, believe it or not, ‘The problem is doors’5. I suspect it is the geographic ignorance of so many Americans which assists these appalling politicians in getting away with such drivel. What are normal people to make of a country who values the desire to have a metal penis-enhancement more than the lives of children. It has now reached a state where gun violence is THE leading cause of death among children in the US. That this is so and the politicians do nothing about it, is incomprehensible.

*Christofascism: Evangelical, semi-theocratical movement of Americans who stand against abortion, sex education, homosexuality, science, anti-Zionism, gun control, the separation of church and state, and anything else vaguely progressive6. The term was coined by liberation theologian Dorothee Sölle in 19707.In the mid-2000s, the Bush administration refined its broadly titled “War on Terror” campaign to the ‘Fight Against Islamofascism’. This transferred the stigma of the 9/11 attacks from terrorists and their tactics to their religion and their policies (e.g., a Muslim caliphate). Since politically-active evangelicals seem to wish to theocratise the US6, the term “Christofascism” seems appropriate.