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Booth map of the day: the Perth region

June 16, 2022 - 10:00 -- Admin

This map is the largest booth map I’ve published, and it shows the two-candidate-preferred results in eleven of WA’s fifteen seats, and the swings in ten (there being no valid 2CP swing in Curtin).

I’m not sure what exactly I want to focus on with this map, but overall it does show the dramatic scale of Labor’s victory in Perth, where they picked up four extra seats, holding nine out of eleven seats on this map (along with one Liberal and one independent).

The swing map is remarkable. I spot three small booths with tiny swings to the Liberal Party – in Moore, Brand and Burt.

Overall the median size of the swing to Labor is around 11-12%, and some of the biggest swings are around 16-20% in Pearce.

Looking at the booth results, there’s a handful of Liberal booths in the eastern suburbs, while they still won a sizeable number of booths along the coast through Moore, Curtin, Tangney and Swan, but they are swamped by Labor. Large swathes of the city voted 60%+ for Labor after preferences.

That’s it from me – for those who know Perth better, what jumps out at you?