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the vitality of fascism…...

May 20, 2022 - 08:56 -- Admin

Despite the lessons of World War II, unfortunately the author has to say that the events of the last eight years in and around Ukraine have demonstrated not only the vitality of Nazism, but also the desire of a number of Western leaders to revive it across the board.

Since early 1930s, Western ruling circles were investing huge sums to finance Hitler’s regime. It is a well known fact that in 1932 Bank of England Governor Montague Norman and the Dulles brothers held a secret meeting with Adolf Hitler, which resulted in a decision to finance the NSDAP and lend to the German Reichsbank. Even after the outbreak of World War II, American business continued to operate in Germany and assist the Third Reich, not only in supplying fuel and lubricants via Spain.


By Vladimir Odintsov


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