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Fridge died.

April 4, 2022 - 18:24 -- Admin

We’ve been rocking this monster two-door Jennair for about 15 years and its given us yeoman’s service. But no more. After a couple of minor incidents, including a meltdown on Christmas Day a couple of years ago, it finally carked it on Sunday.

I guess I could have called a technician out ($200 to say hello) and paid for the new circuit board he’d tell me I needed ($800) and then I’d wait however however long it took for the supply chain to cough one out. (Prolly 8 weeks)

Instead we hit up Appliances Online and ordered a new, slightly smaller F&P. It arrived in less than 24hrs.

The delivery guys from Appliances O/L were great, although I couldn’t watch them manoeuvre the old machine out through the bullshit architectural chicane of our front gate. Too stressful. Took about half an hour.

They got us set up with the new one in just a few minutes.

I think we lost about $300 worth of food, but I did have the adventure of filling a pristine fridge today.

Totally gonna keep this one clean and organised.

I mean it!