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Why I cannot vote for the Morrison government: lies and misogyny

March 22, 2022 - 09:11 -- Admin

The title of this piece is a bit misleading in that it gives the impression I could possibly consider voting for a Morrison government. I could not do so even if I was a billionaire, as retain some self-respect. This piece was begun soon after Adam Jacoby asked, on Twitter:

“Leading into the election I would like us to start a thread about why we won’t vote for the Morrison Govt. Please comment here with your reason using the hashtag #WhyIWantChange 

Time to make it clear for the media. I will kick it off below”1

He continued: “I care deeply for this country but I want it to be fairer, more democratic, less divisive and have a greater vision for what we could be. The Morrison govt is a visionless cesspool of corruption and lies and my kids futures deserve better than that”2

To this question of why I could not vote for the Morrison government, I replied:

“The constant lies, misogyny, racism, idiocy, petulance, corruption, pork barrelling, religious nutjobbery, hatred of expertise, shirking of responsibility, shifting of blame to the blameless, the stealing of credit from the creditable. #WhyIWantChange”3

While it is very easy to list a series of derogatory statements such as that above, there is evidence which backs up each of these. I and others have spent the last five years documenting much of the evidence behind these statements. I elaborate below.


The constant lies are well known even by the mainstream media, it is just that so few of them are game enough to detail them. Even the fact checkers are gutless in calling such lies ‘misleading’, ‘incorrect’ or ‘false’. Most people in their daily lives only ever have to deal with the barefaced lie, or false advertising, but there are many ways politicians and others lie4. Here are a few examples of Morrison’s lies. He lied about obtaining an agreement with AstraZeneca regarding access to their Covid-19 vaccine5. He lied about Australians being first in line for vaccines. He lied about the testing of batches of vaccines6. He lied about the rate of vaccination of Australians7. He lied about reading the dossier sent to him by friends of Christian Porter’s alleged rape victim8. He lied about when he learned of Brittany Higgins’ alleged rape in parliament house9. He lied about cutting $1.2 billion from aged care funding10. He lied about the number of countries providing free Rapid Antigen Test kits to their people, while Ruston and Joyce lied about their availability in Australia and worldwide11. Morrison lied about the national debt12. He lied when it was revealed he suggested the government use community fear of Muslims to their political advantage13. He lied about the government always accepting the science of climate change14. He lied when he said Australia is taking real action to address greenhouse gas emissions15,16. He lied about electric vehicles and then lied when asked if he had lied about them17. He lied by omission about trying to get Hillsong’s Brian Houston into a White House dinner18. He lied about the Medevac legislation19. He lied (via his office) as to his whereabouts when he was in Hawaii during the horrific bushfires in December 201920. While these are just the Morrison lies I have written about, others have listed many more21-23. As if this was not appalling enough, Morrison was asked on radio whether he had ever lied while in public office, and he lied when he said he hadn’t24. In addition, these are mostly the lies attributed only to Morrison. There are many other lies from other members of the Liberal and National parties. 


Morrison’s misogyny is also well known, as male headship is one of the tenets of his religious cult. He once said: “we’re not about setting Australians against each other, trying to push some down to lift others up… We want to see women rise, but we don’t want to see women rise only on the basis of others doing worse.” This is a statement that could only come from a person who is either unaware of the fact that the number of parliamentarians is finite, or he believes that women are naturally inferior25,26. If a member of the Liberal Party is the target of misogyny, members of the Liberal Party are rightly appalled. However, if that misogyny is directed at a member of the Labor Party, such as former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, or Annastacia Palaszczuk, it is perfectly acceptable27-29. This misogyny was again on show when Grace Tame gave a stony face to the Morrison photo-opportunity the day before the 2022 Australian of the Year awards ceremony. The general consensus from the boys’ club, including the intellectually challenged Senator James McGrath, and assorted Murdoch hacks like Peter Van Onselen, was that she should have been pleasant and toed their line30. Then there is the bizarre Andrew Laming, who trolled two women and accused one of misappropriating funds from a charity31. The experiences of Liberals Julia Banks, Ann Sudmalis and Jane Prentice are instructive. All have all been subjected to undermining and bullying by blokes, and this, coupled with the reluctance of the Liberal Party to seriously consider gender quotas clearly demonstrates that misogyny is endemic in the Liberal Party32. This attitude to women was perhaps epitomised by Scott Morrison refusing to meet with the women’s March For Justice except in a controlled environment where he and his minders could call the tune and manage the photo-opportunities. Morrison said the women should be grateful that they can demonstrate and not be met with bullets. This is perhaps one of the strangest things I have heard Morrison say: That women, in addition to needing to protect themselves from rape by not going out, getting drunk or being alone, should now be grateful for not being shot at for demonstrating33.

I was going to do this all in one rant, but the instances of the government’s lack of integrity and appalling behaviour are so numerous, if I was to list them all in one go this would end up being far too long. So, I’ve broken it up into rants of moderate length.