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A spoileriffic discussion thread of THE SHATTERED SKIES.

January 19, 2022 - 18:32 -- Admin

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I think that's just about long enough, don't you? Enough people have told me they've finished the book now that I feel as though I can host a discussion here, chock full of spoilers, without regret.

Warning though, there’ll probably be heaps of spoilers.

I remembered just the other day that there was a long delay between sending off my first draft of The Cruel Stars, and getting the editorial note back, like maybe a year. Turned out that Random House was in the middle of merger negotiations with Penguin when I sent my big slab o’ words off, so I guess that's not surprising. But it reminds me how long I've been working on this series. Because The Shattered Skies was similarly delayed, but this time not by the publisher and not by me. That was all Miss Rona.

I remember being very grateful that I didn't have to launch a book in the middle of a pandemic, and then whoops, I had to launch a book in the middle of a pandemic.

Still, it's not nearly as difficult as launching a book the day after Christmas, eh Pan Mac?

The main thing is, I'm happy with it. Second books in a trilogy are always difficult. You don't have the excitement of the origin story to carry you along, and you can't really resolve anything because it's not the final book in the series.

Knowing all of this I had a couple of goals for The Shattered Skies. I wanted a story that could stand on its own. I wanted to explore the consequences of everything that happened in The Cruel Stars. And I wanted to humanise the enemy, even though they are inhuman monsters. One way of doing that was to create a character like Anders Revel, whom the readers could cheer for, at least as long as he was going up against Prosecutor Major Skomo. The other was to show us the Sturm through the eyes of a character who could be sympathetic to them because from his point of view they actually did come as liberators. So we spent some time with Lucinda's father. There is a nice bonus payoff from that – all the complications that arise in book three because of that connection.

But, anyway, I'm not here to review my own work. That's for you to do. And it better be an 88 star review.