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The Even Crueller Stars.

January 14, 2022 - 14:17 -- Admin

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Hi, it’s me, JB, the one whose bookclub you rashly signed up for a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Or maybe just last week, to get all the freebies, I dunno.

Whichever it was, thanks. Most writers are expected to do their own publicity these days, and this very occasional newsletter is what I have instead of Stephen King’s army of merciless killer marketing drones.

The drones know where I am, so I’ll be brief.

If you read THE CRUEL STARS and enjoyed it, you are in luck. THE SHATTERED SKIES (US link) is now out everywhere, including the US and Canada.

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It’s chock full o’ space battles and stuff.

I write words sell book good, huh?

It was great fun to write, and hopefully you’ll find it as much fun to read. I’ve got a couple of short stories set in the same narrative world which I’ll send you soon, for free, as a thank you for signing up here.

For now, it’s time to fold into dark space with Commander Hardy and crew.

If you’re in need of a universal link to lead to your nearest booke shoppe, I got you covered right here.

The Cruel Stars.

The Shattered Skies.