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Cockblocked a frog

February 11, 2021 - 20:57 -- Admin

It's hump time for tunnelling frogs and if there's moisture come dusk they will trill sextalk to the ladies to come join them in their underground lairs.

It's noisy as fuck. For me, who does not like frogs or their noises, it's especially unsettling and compounded by childhood trauma.

theboy showed me the way. He was irked by this days past when an orgy-chorus of near nocturnal amphibian fucksounds imperilled anyone with active hearing. As he went out the door I mocked, for what could stop that? He did with vigorous stomping until the now panicked man frogs went silent running because of das boots.

He had frogstomped to cockblock and they remained shut the fucked up. 

So I busted my frogstomp cockblock cherry and after the ground pound only a distant still-triller was left but lost in a distance enough not to hurt.

Fucking fucking frogs; they do it again and I'll be out to prevent any of that ere fall of night.

This post was brought to you by the autocorrected words cookbook and funked.