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Avoiding the gotcha question - Donald Trump shows how

September 4, 2015 - 20:40 -- Admin

Radio and television interviewers just can't help themselves. The temptation to try a basically meaningless question to catch a politician out is just too great. How much does a litre of milk cost? What would the GST be on that cake? What's the name of the leaders of Islamic State, Hezbollah, al Qaeda and its Nusra Front wing in Syria?That last one was what US right wing talk-radio host Hugh Hewitt wanted Donald Trump to tell him this week.

The refugee crisis that isn't and other news and views

September 4, 2015 - 18:11 -- Admin

The Refugee Crisis That Isn't - This "wave of people" is more like a trickle when considered against the pool that must absorb it. The European Union's population is roughly 500 million. The latest estimate of the numbers of people using irregular means to enter Europe this year via the Mediterranean or the Balkans is approximately 340,000.

A politician saying the same thing over and over does not news make

September 3, 2015 - 23:16 -- Admin

If the things you are doing in an attempt to win the hearts and minds of voters don't work perhaps it's time to try something completely different. Day after day we are subjected on the television news to corny pictures of Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten with the duo repeating the same fatuous statements playing "I'll catch you out - No you won't".The only surprise is that the journalists keep reporting the nonsense.

Criminal charges against News Corp still on the UK agenda

September 2, 2015 - 22:24 -- Admin

El Niño strengthens but a warm Indian Ocean - The 2015 El Niño is now the strongest El Niño since 1997–98. ... Most international climate models surveyed by the Bureau of Meteorology indicate the tropical Pacific will continue to warm, with the largest anomalies occurring later in the year. Typically, El Niño peaks during the late austral spring or early summer, and weakens during late summer to autumn.