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A Green Ignored. Why is it so?

April 28, 2016 - 00:57 -- Admin

I went today to a National Press Club lunch, a rare thing for me, and heard one of the better political speeches of my experience. Greens Leader Senator Richard Di Natale came close to convincing me that I should abandon the habits of a life time and vote for someone other than Labor.Be that as it may. A matter of little consequence in the scheme of things.

More pokies not less on ACT Government's agenda

March 5, 2016 - 08:29 -- Admin

The chief political adviser to the ACT government has told me that increasing the number of poker machines in Canberra is being considered as part of a redevelopment plan for the city's Canberra Casino.The casino owner Aquis Entertainment wants 500 pokies as part of its plan to invest $330 million in what it calls "Canberra’s entertainment, leisure, dining, retail, gaming, accommodation and social infrastructure."Official policy of the Labor/Greens coalition government is for a phased reducti

Japanese safety inspectors save the fin whales

February 27, 2016 - 18:15 -- Admin

"Fin whales, the world’s second-largest mammal, can swim safely around Iceland’s shores this summer thanks to the dedication of the Japanese bureaucracy.
The Nordic country’s biggest whaling company, Hvalur hf, has been forced to halt its operations as it’s unable to deal with the demands of Japanese safety inspectors.
The company was this season planning on catching as many as 155 fin whales, which can measure up to 27 meters (88 feet) and weigh about 70 metric tons.

One big plus for Coalition in latest Newspoll - removes chance of Labor removing Shorten

February 21, 2016 - 23:02 -- Admin

I just can't believe opinion polls showing three percentage point changes in a fortnight. Things just don't happen that quickly. I'll be treating the latest Newspoll putting things at 50-50 with disdain.Would you want to back Bill Shorten at even money to become Prime Minister after the next election?