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‘The Earth Below’ – now available for purchase

April 21, 2019 - 15:42 -- Admin

I’m proud to say that my debut novel, ‘The Earth Below’, is now available for purchase, through my publishers, Ligature Pty Ltd, here. There are also links on Ligature’s page to other outlets, including Amazon, iBooks and Kobo.

I’d like to thank the illustrator of this brilliant cover, Terry Rogers, and Matt Rubenstein of Ligature for doing such a fantastic job with it. It looks AMAZING. And it has been polished until it sparkles by Matt and Helen Dale (our very own Skepticlawyer). On Ligature’s website, the book is described as follows:

“Almost a century after the Catastrophe, a group of survivors have built a new society deep in the safety of the underground network.

Marri knows the rules are there to keep their population healthy and growing, but they don’t leave much room for attraction—let alone love. Her duty is no match for her desire, and now her life is in danger. Can she escape the world below—and what will she find if she does?

The Earth Below is a dystopia, an adventure and a love story that introduces a thrilling new voice in young adult fiction.

Commended for the Victorian Premier’s Award for an Unpublished Manuscript 2016.”

If you read it and like it, please review it on Goodreads here or on your local Amazon page. In any case, I do hope you enjoy it. And if you just want a taster – try before you buy! – a sample of Chapter 1 is available on my website here.