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The shallow end of the Kenny gene pool

April 7, 2019 - 08:30 -- Admin

You have to feel sorry
for the Kenny family, having to put up with the idiocy of Chris. He is a
Murdoch hack in the worst sense of the word, and that is saying plenty. His
lies are almost continuous, and he will do anything to try to prop up the
Coalition parties, especially the far right of that party, and lies are mostly
what the Liberal far right have left.

He first verbals Opposition
Leader Shorten by telling his readers what he wants them to believe Shorten said.
Then he ridicules Shorten for not knowing precisely how long it can take to
charge an electric vehicle. Shorten stated that it can take only 8-10 minutes
to charge an electric vehicle. Kenny then lies by omission in stating that it
can take “more like 8 to 10 hours to recharge your EV at home, or if you have
access to special fast charger, about an hour”1. As I have stated
before when Caroline Overington spouted the same sort of drivel as Kenny; you
are supposed to have a break every 2 hours when driving long distances and in
that 20-30 minute break, you can have a top-up charge (not a full recharge) for
an electric vehicle which will give you another 100-300 km range2.

In reference to Shorten,
Prime Minister Scott Morrison sarcastically said “apparently it takes only 6 to
8 minutes to charge an electric car. I got some news for you Bill, they don’t
want to drive round in those little ones your kids have. That might take six
minutes, I don’t know. He’s really good on detail, Bill.”3  What is actually funny about this is that Shorten
was right on the detail and Morrison was misinformed by his gofers, or was
lying. Almost a year ago, new charging stations were developed for electric
vehicles which can deliver enough charge to provide an extra 200 km for an
electric vehicle. Can you guess how long it takes? It takes eight minutes4.



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