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The Lawnmower Man

December 24, 2018 - 19:56 -- Admin

I woke to sounds of the electrical cord mower having at rain-fed grass that was ankle high when we got home. I wasn't fussed---though machine noises can cause distress---but it was in the shower that I discovered I could become a lawnmower man. theboy had enjoyed a fearsome flow motel showerhead and when we got home attempted to replicate it with our variable flow setting. As I ran my balding head neath the adjusted flow the rasp of three jets that had entwined thrummed onto my bare scalp with the noise of that same mower. I could even replicate the sound of the mower going back and forth over a long bit because when grass gets too long the blades will get stuck and the mower switch off so you do a number six, three, two then one until the patch is cut by rocking my head back and forth.I hate haircuts and lawnmowing. But I liked the setting that replicated the noise because that steady heavy jet was pleasing on a balding head.Balding; it's not all bad.