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A swooping and government soil

November 17, 2018 - 18:10 -- Admin

I've dropped the habit of hardcore daily exercise and am struggling to get back into it. Since it was nice out I forced myself out to ride outside.And it was nice but I got swooped near a church school and stuck one hand up as antlers to scare them off 'til I caught sight of the shadow of that and stopped: I looked like a pregnant human cross moose (1).As I approached an overpass I looked across trees and grass to see a man stealing government soil. He'd backed his car and trailer up and heaping his ill-gotten dirt at speed. He stopped shoveling as I stared at him and he at me until I left. After shopping I went to get plate deets but he'd fucked off by the time I got back. Which is good; I didn't want the aggro---but I'd placed my phone with photo ready in the basket for a quick snap then getaway.Cheeky fucker.(1) Female moose do not have antlers.