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Victoria and federal candidates update

October 29, 2018 - 10:12 -- Admin

Now that we’re past Wentworth, I wanted to revisit the election guides I have posted for the federal and Victorian state elections.

There are a whole bunch of extra candidates on both guides (particularly Victoria), and I have also listed all the candidates in spreadsheets if you are interested.

Particular thanks to Nick Casmirri who has helped track down a lot of extra candidates.

If you identify a candidate who’s not on the list, you can comment on the relevant seat guide or send me a message – I grab every one of these, even if I don’t always get the page updated for a few days.

Here are the spreadsheets for the two candidate lists:

So far we have 344 candidates for the Victorian state election. This includes Labor candidates in all but five seats, and Coalition candidates in all but six. There’s also 67 Greens candidates. I expect Labor, the Coalition and the Greens to all run candidates in every seat. There’s also 24 Animal Justice candidates, 14 Victorian Socialists and 13 DLP candidates.

Nominations for the Victorian state election close next Thursday, 9 November, so I will do a final update of the candidate list the following weekend and do some final analysis on who is running around that time.

And in other news, don’t forget to check out the guide to the New South Wales state election, which is being posted one seat at a time. Today’s seat of the day is Seven Hills.