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Hilarious non-assist given

July 20, 2018 - 20:59 -- Admin

It was at the end of a meeting when a muscular older man in a un-powered wheelchair was headed to another location and I offered to assist by pushing. He accepted the help but he still powered himself and my assistance was not needed. But I was still holding on to the back grip as he sped along and I was jogging by the end then got a stitch. We had to stop for me to recover from my utterly ineffective help. Once recovered we headed off then chatted for another 30 at his destination before I left. I was still feeling the effects of wheelchair jogging as I waited for the bus.He was so nice in letting me help even though he was more mobile without me. I admired the acute hilarity of me being ambulatory but slow and him not but fast and my getting winded by my un-effort.He was a delight to talk with and I loved the after chat. But I will never presume to offer assist to someone in a chair whose upper body resembles that of a '30s lifesaver. Because I cannot assist and I will get a stitch.I also nearly threw up. I was nauseous until I got home.